dimanche 4 mars 2012

Basketball shoes

Ever since my high school days, I would always watch NBA games to see what shoes these larger than life athletes were sporting. From Converse to Adidas, even from Ewings to Champions not to mention the rare British Knights or the Sprewell Dada shoes. I saw them all. But I always thought Jordans were "La Crème de la Crème". At that time, I couldn't really afford the Jump Man logo but when I got older I took a hit and brothers and sisters, your boy Cid the Kicks been feeling then ever since. I realized while playing ball that not all J’s are comfortable to play ball. In the beginning I thought most people associated kicks with basketball. Back in the days, when people were playing Nintendo or SEGA you know we all went to Foot Locker and ask for the new Payton’s, or KG's and of course for the new J’s because you didn’t know the name of the shoe. Then while I was G5 dreaming while playing on my Iphone I asked myself what are the best shoes to play ball with?
If we can debate on who is the best Emcee...Biggie, Jay-Z or Nas, we can also debate on what is the best shoes to play ball with?
Here my tops 5:


Nike Shox VC 1
Nike air Penny 3

Nike Huarache 2K4/Nike Hyperdunk 

Nike Air Max Uptempo

Honorable mention
Kobe 6
Lebron 8
Jordan x , xii,

Please give me your top 3 shoes to play basketball and I will put your name in a draw to go eat with a friend at ART:BRG.                                                                            Don’t forget to leave you email to be eligible for the draw.
My first English post sorry for the mistake.
I will to the draw on March 8. The winner will be announce the next day.

This draw is only available for residents from Montreal or around. however i would like to have everybody opinion.

7 commentaires:

  1. Relate mofo! here's my top 3 bball shoes: Scottie pippen flight, air force charles barkley, huarachie 2004 in no particular order of course!

  2. Les nike zoom zobe 7, Jordan 1 Flight ainsi que adidas adizero (les roses)


  3. Voici mes choix Air Force 1 de Nike / Nike Shox Navina SI
    Nike Air Visi Prov - they are not all bball shoes but i dont play on a regular basis anymore lol rfrancois@lasikmd.com

  4. here's my top3...Nike air max Penny 1, Nike air force max, Air Jordan 11 & 13,

    Holla back dablackstallion@yahoo.com

  5. 5. T-mac 1
    4. And1 tai-chi
    3. Reebok Questions
    2. Nike Penny III
    1. Nike Huarache 2k4

    DVD - Starting PG for the Gym Class Heroes

  6. premiere les 11 low deuxieme les air max cb 95 et troisieme les tai chi low comme je viens de racheter!! ehehehe

    facebook micky mike brothaaa!! peace