mardi 25 septembre 2012

Sneaker con à Montréal

Samedi le 29 septembre, il y aura la première édition d’une convention de sneakers à Montréal présentés par des montréalais.  J’ai eu la chance de m’entretenir avec un des fondateurs du projet.
< Cid The Kicks: Hi Jason, It will be my first interview in English. I’m happy that you finally put a date on the sneaker convention! How did you come with the idea?
Jason Rouah: Yes I was glad to have a concrete date on it. Actually I was at the gym and I was just thinking to myself how badly I wanted to go check out sneaker con in NYC. I could not get the time off work to check it out, so I thought why not bring it here to Montreal. There has not been an event like it in the city and it was a shame, the sneaker community here is on the come up and people need to know about it. Sneaker pimps rolled through here a few years ago but that is a different kind of show. So I went to a friend of mine, Ian Alfonso with the idea and he was on board right away. After adding some friends to help out with the business side of things SneakerHeads MTL was up and running to start Sole Society.

Cid The Kicks: Great, when we can’t have something, we build it ourselves! What should I expect at the sneaker con?
Jason Rouah: This event is mainly going to be a gathering place for the Sneakerhead community to finally meet the people they deal with online. They will be able to bring sneakers of their choice and buy, sell, and trade like we do on a group on Facebook (buying, selling, trading kicks Montreal) but in person. There will be attendees displaying their larger collections in our display area with display shelves to show everything off. That’s not all you can expect from us, we will have live music provided by club XO who is one of our sponsors, we will be hosting a sneaker battle and attendees will go head to head till we are down to one for a pair of sneakers. We will also be having a free raffle for our guest for many chances to with other prizes provided by our sponsors. One aspect I am proud about is that we are doing a sneaker drive "kicks for kids" and anyone who bring sneakers that we can donate to charity will receive 2 additional raffle tickets as a thank you. But we are always coming up with new ideas so there might be a few surprises in store.

Cid The Kicks: This is awesome!!! i also participated in a sneaker battle in the past. A quick suggestion is to make sure that the participants show shoes they actually own...meaning in their shoe size! All in all, the expereince was super fun! So if a sneaker head wants to show off his prised collection , what does he have to do?
Jason Rouah: For the battle, the participants must have the shoes on their feet, cuz SneakerHeads should wear their sneakers. For anyone who would like to sell or show 5 or less pairs of sneakers all they have to do is purchase a tickets, for info on where and how to purchase a ticket everyone can go to our Facebook page " Sole Society Presented by SneakerHeads MTL" and get all the detail there. They can like the page too and get all the details and updates about the event. If anyone is interested in bringing more than 5 pairs we are offering display space so they can showcase their collection for everyone to see. We are offering 4 levels of display shelves so we can accommodate all collections sizes. We are doing this so people have the chance to show their sneakers but also to make sure the floor is not too crowded so people are comfortable walking around. If anyone is interested in the being involved in battle or would like to reserve display space they can email and we will get back to the ASAP.

Cid The Kicks: I have no more questions, you answered all my questions! Cant wait to see this up and coming event! We'll kick it on the 29th!
Jason Rouah: Ya man it will be cool to finally meet you. And your English is fine, see you there .

Si vous êtes fan de kicks, c’est votre chance de venir vous entretenir avec des gens qui ont la même passion que vous ou simplement venir encourager l’événement. Qui sait peut-être que vous allez trouver la paire que vous cherchiez depuis longtemps!

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